Seafood Entrees


Choose from our Seafood Entree items to create your menu.

Price is per person. Minimum order quantity of 10.

  Atlantic Salmon Confit with Turmeric Kipfler Potato Salad and wild Rocket with Balsamic Syrup
  Prawn and Avocado Stack with Vanilla Bean Tomato Gazpacho and Caviar
  Garlic Cream Prawns served on a bed of Rice
  Lime and Spiced Gravalax of Salmon Drizzled with Parsley Oil & Mesculin
  Japanese Style Salmon Terrine
  Butter-Flied king prawns infused with Garlic and Chilli served on Pilaf Rice


Select from our range of Seafood Entrees from above. Feel free to order a Seafood dish for half of your guests and another Entree option for the remaining half. This way our team will serve the Entree alternatively, with every 2nd guest having the same meal.

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