Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney – Our Top 5 Office Tips

Melbourne Cup day is one of the rare occasions where we let our hair down and simply have a bit of fun with colleagues. It’s also generally our busiest day of the year!

We have seen it all, from fancy dress competitions and fashions on the field to ‘neighing’ competitions… quite unique and very entertaining.

Here are our top 5 tips to help your Melbourne Cup festivities.

In no particular order:

1. Own it. The most important aspect of any office party is to have an individual or group head up the planning. Of course they can use ideas from the team. A lead planner ensures the party will be a winner.

2. Spice it up. Plan some fun activities that everyone can participate in, including a sweep of course. Complement your fashions on the field with some creative activities… perhaps a fancy dress box of props and hats, best horse name competition or even a ‘neigh off’.

3. Plan a sweep. Most local newspapers will have a pull out sweep section. Create a few sweeps at different ticket prices, e.g. $1, $5 and $10… Something for everyone’s budget. A free sweep is also a great idea, perhaps the winner gets an early mark for the day.

4. Watch it. Make sure you test your TV and preferred channel at least a week prior to the game. Also, the bigger the better in this case, as the punters in the room are sure to crowd the front row.

5. Do it right. It’s best to involve HR in the planning and throughout the day. As it’s still a working environment, the company has a duty of care, particularly if alcohol is being served. Give some guidelines for safe fun.

These are simple and practical tips, aimed to give your party a head start. As a gold licence caterer with a full off-site liquour licence we are well equipped to help with your office catering.

You can view our Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney Menus or download our PDF with our best sellers.

Melbourne Cup Catering Sydney


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